Career Counseling

Starting a job, finding a new job, transitioning careers, promotions and opportunities

For 10 years, Rick alumni interviewed students applying to college. This work allowed Rick to work with graduating high school seniors and graduate applicants on both their essays as well as the entire application process. Rick refined his ability to help each applicant put his/her best foot forward.

For the last couple of years, Rick has transitioned to helping young professionals with their resumes, overall career consulting, and conducting mock job interviews which are invaluable.

Connected to the business community, J. Eaton Associates can provide feedback in many industries including but not limited to financial services, banking, legal, real estate, construction, automotive and hospitality.

Career Counseling Services

General Career Counseling

Guide to your best career steps Personal development Work fulfillment and enrichment

Resume Review

Analysis & Suggestions Review & Rewrites Career Path Networking Recommendation

Personal Brand

Create a personal brand identity Tell your best story through your bio, resume & LinkedIn profile Take your personal brand to the next level Marketing your brand

Interview Prep/Tips

Interview Prep Role play Mock Interviews Communications Follow up

Career Plan Package

Assessment Meet & Greet analysis Career Plan & Strategy [Deliverable] Resume Mock Interview Referrals

Professional Workshops

Ready, Set & Go Starting a job Finding a new job Transitioning careers Promotions and opportunities

Our Team

Richard has been in the corporate arena for over 30 years. He meets initially with clients and if needed will form a team to support services and career goals. if you want to learn more about our professional collaborations please email Rick.

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