John Eaton, the name

My mother was an intelligent and inspiring woman. She went to John Eaton Elementary school in Washington, DC and loved it. John Eaton taught you the importance of life long learning that anything was possible. As I understand, John Eaton was in charge of the freedom camps during the America civil war. Working with John Eaton brings out the best version of you.

Consulting, the career

Are you finding your passion? We can help you find what you were meant to do.
Through our initial intake and consultative services we can help guide and facilitate your transition to the workplace, in the workplace or to a more fulfilling opportunity.
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Consulting, the business or organization

Are you getting the most out of your young professional workforce? Through our detailed assessment and analysis we can provide customized training and programs. To learn more about our interactive workshops, professional development programs and corporate consulting services.
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Experience, the client

Professionals share their experience – based on my experience.

A lot of uncommon, common sense. MB

Huge energy, huge ideas. RT

I always feel so much more alive and see greater possibilities after we speak. Peter P.

After hearing you speak yesterday, I quit my job and am now pursuing my true passion. Thank you. Anne C.

Rick sees things that others don’t. Christina C.

Terrific listener, even better communicator. LF

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